“I am a Tax-Payer” #ProudIndian #areyou

When we say that I am a Tax-Payer, it makes all of us to feel proud about the situation and the place where we stay about because of the defaulters list as per the Income Tax department is growing everyday relatively as the total number of accounts (savings, current, etc) are growing. Now the Prime Minister of India has initiated a new policy of opening an account with zero balance in all the banks and even I have did it with my Aadhar Card.

Apart from this there are few embarrassing situations which will hate us to pay the taxes like the improper development of roads, improper facilitation and others. Away from all these, I (on my behalf) have encountered a embarrassing situation in Bangalore. A cycle wala around 35 years was pedaling his cycle in the middle of the road in a highway. The usage of lights dipping went failed as it is India, then I had to next weapon Honking with my 12 rings horn. Suddenly he stopped the cycle in the middle of the road and turned to my side saying “Hurray, I have paid the taxes to the Government, so this is my road and keep following me”.

Now it was my turn now, my Indian mind-voice was saying “You poor fellow, you would have either paid your income or commercial tax, but I pay Income Tax, Sales Tax, Commercial Tax along with the huge RTO for my car and apart from this, I pay the Tollway Charges for driving the car into this dummy road too”. So, turning diplomatic, I sealed my mouth with saliva and took the car in 2nd gear….

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…. and finally arrived my destination with 14 minutes of delay.

THUMBS.DB in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 – Deletion Error


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In windows 8 and 8.1 the option to create a thumbs.db file is on by default . This can be a problem when you try to delete those media folders that you no longer need. Windows won’t let you delete the thumbs.db file and you will end up with a lot of empty folders that you can’t remove.

First you want to deactivate the thumbs.db from being generated:

The fastest way to do this is to run the following command :
REG ADD “HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer” /v “DisableThumbsDBOnNetworkFolders” /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

For who doesn’t want to run unknown commands on his computer you can also do this by yourself:

  • Run (windows key + R) – write: regedit and press Enter
  • Navigate to:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explore > Advanced
  • Right click and create New DWORD Value , name it DeleteThumbnailCache  and set its value to 1.
  • This does exactly the same thing as the command I wrote.

Happy people! PING PONG!


Best Face-palm Expression


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After reading this post, do never trust me that I am person exhibiting the Karma! Since ever my school days, there used to be a jealous among my peer classmates, schoolmates, college mates and colleagues. Though I couldn’t say it right from where this begun, but to my understanding it could be the early higher secondary. As I never merge so easily, it was quite difficult to understand them and get inline. Some developed hatred because of this reason with me. 

The above quoted is a category of people and the second category is more wild, they work closely with you and ignore you when their work is over. And, I used to ignore them when an serious request comes in. Recently, there was one such encounter. Most of the times, I don’t like to like to give a nose-cut for the cases. 

So finally a day before, I have decided to give away the face-palm for the people in my top list. Though I was warned about it from my PS and APS, I decided to ignore them and go ahead. I wrote the best about the person and shared it publicly witnessed by all the others. To see the person’s face at that time is hilarious and couldn’t stop moving ahead. In the future also, this will continue. 


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