How PayPal swindled my entire wallet?


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Almost 90% of the internet users are well aware about the PayPal and 100% of the International Business men are highly aware about the PayPal. But only a very few are aware about the action rendered by PayPal during the settlement. These many days, my office team use to manage the Finance and operations, for an event I was mapped for the PayPal. And, as usual am highly lazy enough to manage it in real-time. I happened to see the reports couple of days ago.

This particular event was billing in GBP and all the settlements to India happens through INR as per the Reserve Bank of India policy. So, PayPal charges 4.4% of the transaction value along with 0.30$ for every transaction performed using their gateway.  This is the open statement of PayPal, but there is a hidden structure in it which is very dangerous.

The conversion rate is highly threatening us. On an average day 1 GBP = 1.7549 USD and then 1 USD = 59.45; 1 GBP = 104.32 INR. When we perform a RM calculation the value of 1 GBP = 1.7549 USD = 104.32 INR. Here comes the secret how PayPal will swindle your wallet and how it did to me.

As per the calculations of PayPal, 1 GBP = 1.3822 USD and then 1 USD = 56.12 INR and no direct GBP value provided by PayPal. So, now calculating with this basis 1 GBP = 77.5690 INR. Now, for 1 GBP I am losing 26.751 INR.

Now, will see a total loss calculation on this perspective. If am receiving 100 GBP from my client, 4.4% of the total amount will be deducted as their fees, now am left behind with 95.6 GBP. Again a fee is levied on this which counts for 0.2 GBP; now am left behind with 95.4 GBP. Now, the conversion process begins and I get 131.8618 USD after conversion. Thank god, there is no conversion or mark-up fee at this point. Again, the USD to INR conversion process happens with their currency values and I get 7400.09 INR.  Instead of getting 10432 INR, am getting only 7400.09 INR where the deficient amount 3031.91 INR.

Actually after their gateway charges for 100 GBP, I should be actually getting 9972.99 INR if they are perfect. But I lose 2500 INR for every 100 GBP with these people’s profit calculation.

Speaking out of the box, PayPal is highly good for start-ups and freelancers. But going Professional into it will surely endup in loss.

Status of a MBA in India


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It is highly painful when someone educated stand in the road-side and keep begging. Very similar to that today morning I saw a case and am highly worried how the University encourages these types of activities.

After a long time, I was little bit free today sitting in the 3rd Floor leisurely. My dogs were barking strongly, so I happened to check the visitor. Three guys were standing downstairs in a professional manner with a tie, tucked-in shirts and well polished shoes. So, I decided to check it out. Inbetween, my mom from the 2nd floor asked them to leave the place and in the meantime I arrived at 2nd Floor and said that I will be handling them.

Yes, atright they quoted that they were from Pondicherry University, who completed MBA in 2011 and left behind with no job. He was absolutely selling the DK Multimedia Publication Books for INR 3000 (50$). I can get those books online at INR 500 or (8$). The responses which I got from him after the conclusion point was little bit tough and he expressed his anger. This clearly defines that he is not eligible for selling and even not fit for claiming that he is MBA as he was losing their temper in few seconds.

The second guy started begging to buy atleast one book from them. I asked them to show their ID cards, and to my surprise all of them were showing a card issued by Pondicherry University 2009-11 batch ID cards. Now this arose, two doubts for me. Whether these guys are from Pondicherry University or Not? and Why the Pondicherry University is asking them to do a door-to-door sales?

It really sounds bad when someone of good educated person do these types of activities. And the Colleges & Universities should get the ID cards back from the student as soon as they complete the course or mention the validity date into it.

Employee Relationship


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From the day 1 of my establishment, I have never treated an employee as an employee. This is one of the most weak segment where I have lost. I trust highly that a good employee relationship is more important for an effective administration. Understanding them and providing them a space is empirically important because “THEY ARE ALSO HUMAN BEING”.

  • If a person is a married, we should not ask him to sit along with us late evening if there are huge quantum of work is pending.
  • If a person is a smoker, we should free him for every 50 minutes so that he has his own space to smoke and relax.
  • If a person is a drinker, we should relive him by the regular drinking hours and he shouldn’t be disturbed for the next 12 hours.
  • If a person is a drug addict, we should provide him the space so that he can take it.

The managers, should firmly be confident that the employee is not your spouse to have a supreme control over their activities. They have their own expectation and require even some private time for their activities. The managers or reporting heads should never be a barrier. Also remember that this will retain the employee for a long time with us and make more inmate with each other.

Try scheduling for a movie with them, please be sure that the employee is given two options probably the second weekend with the reporting head and the fourth weekend with their family.

OH! Am I writing some craps here or unsaid truths! I should refrain from it immediately.


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