Wifeogram – Millennial Strategies replacing the traditional Telegram in naive Relationships


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Wifeogram, this term may sound unique or exciting for many men and especially for the Asian people. And, even I was in the same mirage until I experienced the same in Europe too, which replaces both my conditions “Asians” and “Millennial” in the relationships. In ancient days, the TelEx technologies were used for the telegraphy in 400 BC during the construction of the Great Wall of China. Later the codes became texts, and electronic telegraphy came into existence, and many happened as a part of the development. The origin of Wifeogram is Wife + Telegram!

Ok, coming to the core now. To put the disclaimer, I am not against any Gender and kindly understand that while composing this post, I am single, meaning never married or never been in a relationship. Most of us are excited when someone enters into our life and incorporate significant changes. There are many funny posts which says “If you want to change the world now, else after marriage you cannot even change the TV channel!”. This may sound funny, but there is a massive dedication from the boys’ side to compassionate their spouse, and most of them do it with a feeling of giving up for a charity. Since most of my fellows were getting married, I observed the rapid changes and thought this was for the Millennials only.

Alike the telegraph, “WIFE” is just a message; the sender is an influencer or the origin type. The type could be either a piece of good news or the bad news in the telegraph. Way back, when a telegram . . .

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The Banking “M-Word” & CCD VGS Ending


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These days people communicate a lot and lot which we couldn’t even imagine the extent of the conversation. The “M Word” is one of the very important conversations which we need to speak about and most of the people including the major subset of couples don’t discuss on this part. The recent ending of the Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Sidhartha is also into the loop with this if we read his adieu note to the BoD of CCD. Even VGS could have easily sorted the financial demand very quickly if he had strong support emotionally. Though he was surrounded with tons of people, he was alone internally which every Entrepreneur could feel at least once in their life.

m word kokula Krishna hari kunasekaran uk bank

Last week while I was in the UK, I co-chaired a Financial Event of a Big Four bank in London. The floor was shared by two of us including the Vice President Commercial of the Bank which is promoting the “M Word” concept in the UK. I really enjoyed the conversation with her as it was the very first time we speak out about it. It was quite equal enough excitement for me both Professionally and Personally. Usually, the young couples who are about to start together or as like my most of mates who got recently married or started the phase of parenting speak a lot about Politics, Economics, Governance, Diplomacy, Spiritual, Intellectual and Intimacy sparks. But when they speak about Economics, they address as if Prime Minister or Finance Minister or Finance Secretary, Reserve Bank of India or England Governor and I have never heard or saw someone saying their spouse as financial controller.


San Francisco & Los Angeles, California – 18th State Visit of the United States of America


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San Francisco, my visit to 18th State of the United States of America was one of the most important ones and had an extraordinary impact than other state visits, be it personal, official or diplomatic. SF in California was into my bucket list for a long time for various reasons. But never had an option to visit due to my complicated and congested schedules. After becoming Student, I had a surplus of time to explore cities. I had a Public Policy Conference at San Francisco and wanted to use my weekend exploring the city. Luckily, I had a college alumnus and friend who was very welcoming me to San Francisco for a long time, and we were in the same wavelength.

Planned the Conference and a short trip around SF and other areas. Since a long time, he is definitely a well-organised trip planner, and I requested him to make it out for my visit, which was admitted immediately by him. And, I was pretty confident that while roaming with him, I can have surplus Indian cuisine or other safe cuisine based on his style and art of cooking. Finding good restaurants in Boston would be a difficult task and presumed that SF would also be the same.

Starting from landing at SFO Airport, the excitement was at its peak. Little facts that created goosebumps while I landed may extend to a vast list, but landing at the 7th busiest Airport of North America, historical airport of World War I and others were responsible for that goosebumps. Travelled from India extensively for 38 hours with 2 missed connections and landed to breath non-conditioned air. Saw a massive crowd in the Immigration and I was exhausted. After crossing a few minutes, a CBP officer approached me, asking for the passport amidst the vast crowd. I exhibited my usual passport with the Diplomatic one. She pulled me out of the queue and escorted me to a secluded line and cleared my immigration.

Stepped out for AirTrain and in few minutes I arrived at the Rental Car location and got a KIA Soul car for my social purposes. With my Bluetooth Connection, started my music and car with ODO at 10888 miles. First 2 days weren’t were so good as it had the usual works.


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