APJ Abdul Kalam – A tribute


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APJ Abdul Kalam (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam) was a man of simplicity without any political interference. Recently passed away carrying the minds and hearts of many people. The psychology says that when we lose a person in the life, no one can immediately react by crying or roll on the floor for missing them. It will surely take minimum 36 hours to realize that we are going to miss them forever. Happened to meet him few times at various occasions. A very interesting person of a exceptional skill-set.

On 28th July, 2015 I landed at New Delhi from my International Trip to London. I got the message from our Secretary that Dr. APJ Kalam passed away. Before the immigration was over, I called him to confirm if the news is true or a rumor like always. He attended the call at 1 AM and said it was a confirmed news.

After visiting the location, secretary literally gave out few drops of tears and I didn’t. He immediately coined me as if am exhibiting sectarianism. But really am never such. It really didn’t have any immediate impacts. Even after reaching back my home, I didn’t transparently.

I was reading the post of When his colleague wrote a post while travelling from Palam the itch was felt within myself. “I have travelled across India and even abroad with Kalam many times, he never sleeps during the Air-Travel but we all will have a good sleep. Now, we all are not sleeping, but he is peacefully sleeping.” On reading this statement it was like touching to the core soul.

Finally, we are suppose to meet him this August 2015 for a book release. Dono where I could meet him.

Japan – Expensive Punctual Lifestyle


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It is always a pleasure in exploring various countries and that too in an entertainment mode or mood. In that list, I wanted to explore the Japan. After making a steady plan, I made myself to visit Tokyo for few days draining Indian Economy and boosting the Japanese Economy. And I did it almost.

Born and being brought-up in India is always a curse because you don’t the value of Time and Life. But the Japanese culture does it. As soon as I landed-up, there was a shuttle bus which takes me to The Narita Port Hotel which is actually renamed as Narita Gateway hotel. I didn’t update my time in my hand phone, but to my surprize it was there exactly ON-TIME. Generally, in India we used to be ON-TIME by mistake. When we arrive ON-TIME, you will not have the right respect and mileage. But it is just opposite in Japanese culture. Wasn’t that much satisfied with the Hotel Accommodation as it was exactly the size of our Kitchen in my house. But it was compact and tight fit for an individual.

The next day, I was impressed and pulled by seeing the name “Narita Free Transit Tour Program” at the Airport. Wow! That was good news for an individual like me. So attempted to ping at that desk on the next day morning. Since it would open at 9 AM, went to the departure floor to have a morning meal at McDonald’s and surprisingly it was less equivalent to the London pricing. Not of a greater taste, but it was my saviour. At around 9, there was a woman with excessive lip-stick convincing the Australian Woman who was on transit. I was waiting in the queue and got into her for discussion. After 15 minutes of discussion, she said that we have to pay for the Transport and the term “FREE” was only for the Guide. Not a disappointing one, but used for this in South Korea while I was with Prof. Dr. Dong Hwa Kim. The bus arrived ON-TIME and we were asked to pay JPY 210. We thought it would be around 50 miles for the destination. But it was the height of my stupidity. He came around the Airport as Lord Ganesha did around his father and mother and dropped us at a spot just behind the airport. It was not even 4 miles by road and just 1.2 miles by air.

I learnt that the life is such expensive in Japan and made myself to proceed with this. The next day I went to Tokyo where I learnt that the real Japan is there. Much of crowd, absolute silence without any honking or loud speech. But one thing which I need to notice is the integrity and respect they rendered to me though not being any official. Some were interested in knowing about the religious identity mark on my forehead. And the Narita Express line is one of the most expensive trains I have travelled in the world, yes it was an almost JPY 5,000 for a distance of 60 kilometers and it is worst so it travels in almost 1 hour 30 minutes.

The cost of a Blazer Jacket was JPY 25,000; suite JPY 79,000 for my size. I get them in India for JPY 4,000; suite JPY 8,500. The worst thing is that the cost of a brief (underwear) was JPY 19,000 and you get 8% Tax refund on this money which you pay provided condition that you don’t use it in Japan. My crazy mind said to buy one such and come back to my country and post a photography saying that it is Japan Brief. But my bureaucratic mind refrained me doing it.

The culture is perfectly shaped that no mistakes occur. The schooling mechanism teaches everything that they require for their life. The Life Science classes in their High School impressed me very much. Heard that cooking is also a part of their classes in High School which carries equal value in the examinations. There is no theft at Japan and I tried by placing my mobile in a public place named AEON Shopping mall, Narita. After 15 minutes, a small boy saw that mobile and informed the McDonald’s representative. It was a good experience.

The flat nose and small eye guys are really the best. I would surely go back to Japan to see these flat nose and small eye guys. Probably my son or daughter would need a school education in Japanese schools.

“You have a Baby Boy” – Touching Accident Incident


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Happening of accident in India has become too usual and common stuff. To coin in a different version, “It is as usual as charging a mobile phone”. But only when it happens in our family or our associate, the pain comes up bulged.

After having a long trip to Thiruchengode, Coimbatore, Salem I was driving my car back to home all alone since the driver was given with some leave. And I love driving the car all alone or with highly confidante of mine. Whenever I have such an option, I never miss it.

And while driving alone or with driver I never stand on the accidents after the 2007 issue of helping an International Person on this affair. But all of a sudden yesterday while returning, crossing Villupuram (a locality in Tamil Nadu, India) late night saw some watery substance in the road and slowed my vehicle. At the dark after turning my car lamps from high to low beam, found two people on the road. As the blood was not clotted in the road, I learnt that the accident could have happened minutes before. Stopped my car and saw those guys who could be ranging from 20 – 30 years. Called to 108 (NAS – National Ambulance Service) and local police station. They said that they will be in few minutes as the Police Station was nearby.

Both the guys head was opened like a suitcase and their brain was on the road. As it was a dry dark area no one was even intending to stop-by to help. Ambulance and Police (only one PC) came at the same time. The distress is that in the ambulance there was only one driver and no doctor. Anyway, while I was getting down from my car itself, I identified it as SPOT DEAD. The PC and ambulance driver managed to carry one body into the Ambulance.

The guy who was sitting at the back had his hands around the abdomen of the person who drove the two wheeler!

The PC got some call on wireless and was unable to answer and he took the call over his mobile. The Ambulance driver requested me to help the other case. I thought like a Cinematic Hero and attempted to help him. He said to me that I will not be able to take food for next two days if I take the head part generally as it was open like something; he requested me to get hold the leg part. I took it too casual and got hold of both the legs. Suddenly the middle part of the human body went down and he shouted “Sir! Sir!”. I gave a hand behind a spot under the lumbar. Oh my gosh, a part of his body the HIP and lower abdominal section was in my right hand connected with top and bottom only because of skin even which was bleeding. After few moments, made him into the ambulance and the Ambulance was about to be started. He had only one bucket of water and that was sufficient for me to wash only my hands.

By that time the PC came back and asked if both the bodies were taken OFF and advised him to go to Mundiyambakkam Government General Hospital. He took the ambulance and we found a mobile phone blinking in the accident spot. I went to take that, it was a Micromax Mobile and there was a call from “Jayanthi Sister” and we disconnected the call. There was a text message in the mobile,

You have a Baby Boy. Come to hospital soon!

Ofcourse he has now went to the hospital where his boy could have been delivered. I went on literally crying on seeing that text message. Even if that boy grows-up the society and community which he lives would define him that he killed his father during his birth and so on.

I am still unable to eat or even worried if it would digest after seeing this moment.

Finally, Be Careful always!


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