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These days people communicate a lot and lot which we couldn’t even imagine the extent of the conversation. The “M Word” is one of the very important conversations which we need to speak about and most of the people including the major subset of couples don’t discuss on this part. The recent ending of the Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Sidhartha is also into the loop with this if we read his adieu note to the BoD of CCD. Even VGS could have easily sorted the financial demand very quickly if he had strong support emotionally. Though he was surrounded with tons of people, he was alone internally which every Entrepreneur could feel at least once in their life.

m word kokula Krishna hari kunasekaran uk bank

Last week while I was in the UK, I co-chaired a Financial Event of a Big Four bank in London. The floor was shared by two of us including the Vice President Commercial of the Bank which is promoting the “M Word” concept in the UK. I really enjoyed the conversation with her as it was the very first time we speak out about it. It was quite equal enough excitement for me both Professionally and Personally. Usually, the young couples who are about to start together or as like my most of mates who got recently married or started the phase of parenting speak a lot about Politics, Economics, Governance, Diplomacy, Spiritual, Intellectual and Intimacy sparks. But when they speak about Economics, they address as if Prime Minister or Finance Minister or Finance Secretary, Reserve Bank of India or England Governor and I have never heard or saw someone saying their spouse as financial controller.

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