Commitment is not just a Word, it is an Act


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In the present world, we see many people miss the conduct code by skipping the term “Commitment” assuming it as a word. In reality, it is an act. And this act needs loads of consistent behaviour, and it happens over some time. A strong commitment exhibits an executive leadership skills of an individual through their behavioural consistency. It took me years to understand the difference between Interest and Commitment.

In nut-shell, commitment is a connection between our values, intentions and actions over some time. Though it is just a choice of adhering or not-adhering, commitment is just an internal process which one needs to follow. Adding, it is self-expression and not to be influenced or enforced by external agents. Talking to people about five years down the road is hard for them to get their head around, especially for young people who are accustomed to instant gratification. People want success now, and few are willing to be patient.

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Secret of Success is whom You Marry / Stay Friends


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Secret of Success by Kokula Krishna Hari Kunasekaran

There is an untold story about the Secret of Success is whom you Marry / stay Friends! Now, the story is proved by Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Whether we realize it or not, these people influence your entire thoughts and empower your strength visibly and invisibly.

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Graduation Speech / Guest Vietnam & Maldives


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Good Morning Everyone! It is an immense pleasure in being here on the invitation of Prof. Tao. This morning is very special one for me as I was blessed to smell the air of 3 countries in hours, and obviously the controlled air in 1 country. Everyone gets a degree, what makes you proud and captivated is the question of the hour. All that is required at the end of this programme which is never mentioned in the curriculum is that “Human Network”. This network should be well maintained and watered throughout the life even while crossing the difficult steps. Read more at