Smart Intellectual Kid – A new Perspective Dimension


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While I was engaged with one of the World’s Toughest man for a program and I just begun my last travel with him for that specific visit. It was almost 3 days I had been with him day and night. Quite reserved in the conversations, but am being an ambivert, I started the conversation and it went on well than what I actually imagined about. Moving something personal, that gentleman said, “KK, you aren’t having any Good Friends or a Girl Friend both in present and past right?”. I was stilled for a minute, and replied him “Yes Sir, you ‘re right!”

The conversation went on and the specific points which impressed me are quoted below:

Smart Intellectual Kids like you 

  • Will Never have a Best Friend 
  • Will Never have a Girl Friend
  • Will find it very difficult in finding a Wife
  • Will find it very difficult in managing the Wife

He advised me to write this in my diary and you will never ever regret wasting few minutes in recording the above 4 statement anytime further. Yes, it was highly captivating and in my mind for a long time. The first 2 statements was in line with my life and the rest I am not sure at this junction!

Accidentally I read another post which says Why Intelligent People Can’t find Happiness?

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”-Ernest Hemingway

That website listed almost 6 reasons. I am reproducing the same here.

They are the victim of over analysis
They want to match everything with their high standards
Intelligent people judge themselves too hard
They aim for bigger things
No one to appreciate them or have a meaningful conversation
Smart people often develop psychological issues

The presence of a faithful and loving partner, a great family life and a successful career may not be enough to prevent an intelligent soul from feeling grief and melancholy.

  1. They are the victim of over analysis

Many people with high level of intelligence lean towards over-thinking and keep analyzing everything that occurs in their life, their surroundings and beyond. Too much thinking can be exhausting at times, especially when your thoughts lead you to conclusions which vex and frustrate you. They weigh you down, but you can’t help but think and think, no matter how draining the experience is.

Their ability to analyze things is great. But, it is also true that we don’t need to pay attention to everything, and crowd our minds with unsavory thoughts. ‘Ignorance is bliss,’ this saying holds good for people like you who can see right through anybody and identify their true motives. Undoubtedly, the world seems a disappointing place occupied by wrong people. Not to mention the feelings that affect you upon the reflection on philosophical problems, global affairs and the eternal questions of life that have no answers. If you learn to ignore, you can feel lighthearted, cheerful and happy.

  1. They want to match everything with their high standards

People with high IQ are always sure of what they want and anything less than their expectations fail to satisfy them, and this makes it more difficult for them to be happy. This stands true for everything, whether it is career, relationships or anything else that matters in life.

It’s a fact of life that we never get all what we want. But, this practical knowledge is not present in those who have brilliant theoretical minds. They have little practical intelligence and maintain idealistic views of the world that really doesn’t help them in coping with the ways of the world. So, when they find the reality is contrary to their expectations, they feel greatly disappointed.

  1. Intelligent people judge themselves too hard

One of the reasons of unhappiness also crops from their tendency to be extremely hard on themselves. It is not only about their successes and failures, but everything that is about them. Their deep thinking nature minutely analyses their behaviour and actions and compares them against highest standards. Even though it is done unintentionally, this tendency offers them enough reason to blame themselves for no reason.

An act committed years ago can suddenly haunt their mind and remind them how they had failed to do things rightly. This disturbs their mind and messes up their mood. After that, they can hardly spend the day cheerfully or manage a relaxing sleep at night. These types of flashbacks into past mistakes are frequent in intelligent people. Guilt and discontent fill their mind. These negative emotions are enough to erase happiness from one’s life.

  1. They aim for bigger things

They cannot be satisfied with what they have in life because their high IQ gives them the power to imagine bigger things. They are always looking for a bigger purpose, a meaning and a pattern. Some of them are driven too far away by their intense imagination, making it impossible for them to enjoy the good things they have in their life. Ordinary life is too boring for them and that is why they search for exceptionalism, which of course doesn’t exist in reality.

Do you think this planet is not your real abode or you should live in a different era? It is nothing new about intelligent, deep thinking individuals. With such thoughts swarming your mind, you can hardly hope to be happy when you cannot accept the world and even the time you are living in.

  1. No one to appreciate them or have a meaningful conversation

We all yearn to be truly understood, but intelligent people can hardly find someone who can understand them. When we have understanding people around us, half of the stress in our lives ceases to exist. There is nothing more comforting than having a meaningful conversation with a like-minded person who understands your views and ideas on everything spanning from personal life, philosophy, to global affairs and other complex questions. Most intelligent people feel misunderstood and lonely, as usually, no one appreciates the depth of which they can see and analyze things.

Science has proved that smart people don’t need to socialise as much as the people with average IQ, to be happy. Nevertheless, smart people feel the need to meet people, interact and have an enjoyable conversation. They are more interested in talking about meaningful and fascinating things rather than talk on subjects like food, weather or weekend plans. The truth is, it is difficult to come by a person who can indulge in a deep conversation. This is the result of the materialist and consumerist society we live in.

  1. Smart people often develop psychological issues.

Many studies have found a connection between highly intelligent minds and psychiatric disorders like bipolar disorders and social anxiety. Is it possible that these disorders are the side effect of a brilliant mind? We cannot confirm this, as there are so many hidden mysteries of human mind and science, yet to be revealed.

It is not that all intelligent people suffer from severe mental disorders. But even the ones who don’t, are susceptible to existential depression which usually results from over-thinking. If you keep on thinking and analyzing everything deeply, there comes a time when you start thinking about life and death. Your mind begins to search for the meaning of your existence and that is when you begin to re-evaluate your own life. This saddens you, but for no apparent reason.


Identification of being Emotionally Attached vs Love


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Love is one of those things that almost every person on this planet is searching for. Some may get it where most may not get it. And the most important is getting a true love or companionship has been distinct.

Some of us want it so badly that we get swept up in the initial stages of romance, blinded by feelings of lust, affection, and desire. There’s no better feeling in this world than finding a person who loves you just as much as you love them.

But, sometimes we idealise people, rather than letting them just be themselves. And this is because we’re searching for our own validation, rather than a genuine, loving bond.

Sometimes what we think is love is really just an emotional dependence that we’ve come to rely on for our own satisfaction and self-worth.

Listed below are few signs that your relationship might not be as healthy for you as you think it is:

1. A large portion of your self-worth is derived from your significant other’s approval, affection and attention.

2. You and your partner have stopped doing the things that you used to do without one another, or have completely removed yourselves from other relationships that were important to you.

3. You care less about who your partner really is on the inside than you do about how well they maintain appearances in front of friends and family.

4. You enjoy having a bit of control over your partner, and become upset and distant when they don’t do as you wish.

5. You feel extreme jealousy whenever your partner spends their time with someone other than yourself.

6. You genuinely feel as though you would never be able to recover, or move on in life, if your partner left you or passed away.

7. You have a constant worry that your partner is going to just up and leave you for someone else. You notice that you are possessive of him or her when there are other people around them.

8. You think that you can transform your significant other into the partner you’ve always wanted.

9. You value your partner’s validation way more than your own validation.

10. You’re always ready to bail on whatever plans you’ve made in order to spend time with your significant other.

11. You always give priority to them, and in return you are least bothered.

12. Always the plans are made by you and destroyed by the other.

This list could be small because this was the extract from various sources.

3 Years of Policy Making & Strategy Execution Expertise comes to an end


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It has been more than 60 days from my last post, I was thinking to write about various things, but the transition from one position to another is always the complicated one as everyone is aware of. And that too imagine an execution level people transitioning in the Governmental or Non-Governmental is really such painful and a time-consuming one. And the title of the post almost quotes the end point of my cycle at the high-level office. It doesn’t mean that I am empty headed now, instead, the platform where I was shining now changes to an another platform.

Yes, I am now successfully a free bird, without spy (hope so…) and can move independently after almost 3 years. Do never visualise about being into the Prisons which is being provided by Government; instead was serving the Government. This 3 year is the best period of my life, I could say in a nutshell. The high-level contacts which range to many Solons, Great Reseach Scientists and Professors across the world. But I have to literally admit that I lost most of my personal contacts in India.

At a point of time, I was like all alone in the Eden garden without even an eve. That gave many numbers of temporary people in my life including a life changing experiences. From being a Global President & CEO of an MNC to the Government made me work more and more beyond the expectations of everyone around me. The impact my calibrations in the office made a vibrant move around the zone and had surgical waveforms among them too, with which I am really happy.

The strong contacts in UN with ITU, WIPO, UNESCO and other InterGovernmental Organizations has also moulded me to a level in achieving the best in the rest of the days left behind. And,

And, to say about my bosses. OMG! A super cool team which expects thighs and breasts in KFC always badly than me. I have seen many numbers of posts, meme and other works against the bosses by my friends through all the mediums. But I didn’t expect that the bosses would be such cool in the reality. They gave me a superb experience throughout my days and even at some junction made me feel that they are better than my parents when they took me to the hospital, airport or while feeding me at their home. Yes, I go for different types of food like south Indian lunch and Punjabi dinner. I am trying to pull the moments when they have been hard to me, but nothing strikes now as there are nothing such.

I never did what they said, but did what they planned!

This was the reason for my success, I think. Yes, I need to regret to some in my life, that I am unable to keep up with them due to at-large commitments and focus changes which widely includes my School Mates, Class Mates, College Mates, Social Media Mates, travel mates and others. A deep apology for those who invited me for their marriages, baby naming ceremony, movies, meetings, speaking engagements and others. I will try to keep intact as much as possible, still, it needs certain inputs, not the protocol instead of the time availability.

There will be no direct posts about my availability in my Facebook or Twitter timeline as I have resolved not to post anything there from September 22, 2015, and am trying to freeze the decision. Many things have changed in the past 3 years, but they aren’t recordable here and I wish to have them private.


Moving aside, the challenges that I faced every day was something very adventurous, unlike other jobs. The strong emotional bonding that still people have for me pulls me back to stay connected with them. On hearing my tenure ending I had people calling me and speaking for almost 4 hours each. That feeling is a bliss and you cannot even imagine about it.

I still wanted to write more, but already possessing worn keys in my keyboard of my laptop due to the last days handing over and others. Will wait for the replacement and will write more.